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Moving Forward in May – TZM AU Newsletter

News & Updates

Spirit of the Time issue #5

The latest issue of Spirit of the Times is now out and can be read online or downloaded here. The theme of this issue is Shifting the Cultural Paradigm, and promises to be a hard-hitting wake-up call for a world in dire need of change. Featuring informative myth-busting articles, analytical essays, sobering commentary, book and film reviews, and news through the prism of the Movement with sustainability as the bottom line, Spirit of the Times aims to offer food for thought and inspiration to action.

If you would like to contribute to Spirit of the Times, or would like to comment on any particular article, please just drop us a line.

If you would like to receive a hard-copy version please drop us a line with your name and address, specifying whether you would prefer the sustainable-sized A5 version ($4) or the standard-sized A4 version ($8). Please note, TZM AU does not allow any advertising in the magazine, therefore sacrificing the opportunity to cover production costs for the sake of integrity. The production team are all volunteers and no one is paid a cent for their work , all of which comes from the heart. The hard-copy cost of the magazine is simply the cost of production plus postage with no offsets incurred from advertising.

Open-source media graphics project

TZM AU’s open-source media graphics project is now online.  Please visit the promotional materials section on our website and check out the promotional materials section.

Open-source media graphics are intended to be used, distributed and collaborated on by any and all who wish to do so. If you need flyers or posters for your event, need designs to print on DVD, or would like a design for a t-shirt, just browse the graphics section and download the item/s that appeal  to you – free of charge. If you would like to contribute your own designs that’s great – we’re always keen to collaborate!

Warning – there are some imposter websites online that provide such graphics for a fee – please do not endorse these as TZM AU endeavours, wherever possible, to eliminate the use for money, and  therefore does not charge for services that can be provided for free.

Systems Design Studio

The last weekend of April presented a rare opportunity for the Zeitgeist Movement’s Australian chapter to attend a systems design studio in which a number of alternative systems models were showcased. The Resource-Based Economic Model was presented alongside PROUT, otherwise known as Progressive Utilization Theory, Richard Mochelle’s ethics-based Priocracy, George Trembath’s RBE-like Pachacuti, and Richard Sanders’ highly scientific and pragmatic “What the World Tells Us” model.

The weekend-long studio, held at Crystal Waters in tropical Queensland, was a collaborative event intended to bring systems thinkers together with a view to putting some of the ideas into the petri-dish for experimentation and analysis. The possibility of a practical collaborative alliance looks promising, so expect more news over the coming months!


97% Owned

A new documentary that reveals how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis 97% Owned shows how the power to create money is the piece of the puzzle that economists were missing when they failed to predict the crisis. This brave documentary is the first to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective, and can be watched free online:

Owned and Operated

Owned and Operated is a Crackin’ good documentary produced by an open-source collaborative organization called Crackin Films. Featuring The Occupy Movement, Anonymous, The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project, the film attempts to weave a picture of the world as it is today and the direction it’s heading right now. Owned and Operated also attempts to demonstrate the potential prosperity the future holds for us, if we just open our eyes and collectively work toward this.

Released on 15th of April 2012 this project was assembled almost entirely out of socially conscious footage and images found online. Crackin Films functions as a media project portal that is attempting to bring together activist-minded creative professionals to collaborate on not-for-profit, awareness-building media projects.

Campaigns & Projects

One Planet Project

The One Planet Project kicks off in Australia in May, taking to the streets with global issues surveys in order to raise awareness of both the issues that threaten our planet, economy, and society, and the potential solutions. Look out for TZM volunteers in a high-street near you and don’t hesitate to engage us in chat!

If you are interested in taking part in the One Planet Project but are not a member of any chapter drop us a line and we’ll chat about getting you started with a campaign pack.

May’s Monthly Movie that Matters

This month’s movie that Matters is Gasland – Josh Fox’s expose of fracking, one of the greatest environmental threats of our time. If you would like to host a screening of Gasland on behalf of TZM AU please register online and you will soon receive a support package to enable your screening to be a success.

Freeshare Events and Community Lunch & Busy-Bees

If you would like to host a Freeshare Event or Community Lunch & Busy-Bee in order to facilitate the move away from money and re-connect with the spirit of your community please register online to receive a TZM AU support package that will help you to make the event a success.

Project Teams

TZM AU have a host of ongoing projects that need your support. If you are skilled in webpage development, graphic design, media editing, writing, researching, or have linguistic skills please give some thought to helping out with a project that suits your skills-set and interests. if you have a little time to donate we’d be only too happy to have your support! If you are interested in helping out with any of our project teams check out the volunteering section of our website and sign-up to register your interest.

Chapter Coordination

As always we are looking to extend the reach of the Movement so that we can get the message of a sustainable future out there in all parts of the world. Recently chapters have sprung into action in Malaysia and Singapore, and Thailand and China have activity building. Australia leads the way in the Asia-Pacific region with 10 chapters around the country, and a steadily increasing base of supporters. If you’d like to see TZM action in your part of the country and feel you can be part of a coordination team drop us a line and we’ll walk you through the paces of a chapter start-up.

How we Advocate the Zeitgeist Movement

An inspiring YouTube vid from some international collaborators, have a look at “How we Advocate the Zeitgeist Movement”: It’s a good little reminder of how we need to be the change and find ways in which we can advocate for it. We each have skills and interests that can be applied to being the change, we just need to find ways to apply them, and work towards that end. No more shall we be mere recipients of change, demanding what is never really fulfilled – we have to be active participants if we’re to get anywhere at all. Food for thought anyone?

Related, but non-TZM, news

A new way – the Plentitude Economy…

How does our culture of consumerism actually undermine our well-being? What does the post-consumer society actually look like? How is it happening today? Check out these two short animations by psychologist Tim Kasser and economist Juliet Schor from the Center for a New American Dream.

If you want to know more about living simply in an Australian context, check out The Simplicity Collective

Nuclear arms… still not cool!

Your Dollar is your vote… but who is the government voting for with your money?You may remember media reports in May last year stating that the Government’s Future Fund is investing in foreign companies that manufacture or maintain nuclear weapons. The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) released a position paper stating that this included investments worth A$135.4 million in 15 foreign-owned companies involved in the manufacture of US, British, French and Indian nuclear weapons.
On April 3rd, ICAN members staged a street protest at the Future Fund’s headquarters in Melbourne to call on the fund’s new chair David Gonski to stop these investment which contravene Australia’s international agreements.Have your say. Hold our government to account for spending your tax dollars. Say enough to this insanity. Sign the petition to Mr Gonski as part of the Getup campaign , and sign a second petition to Penny Wong, minister for finance and deregulation. A full report on Nuclear Weapon companies and financiers can be found at Don’t Bank on the Bomb.