Richard Heinberg Australian Tour 2012 poster

Richard Heinberg Tour 2012 Australia

Richard Heinberg Australian tour poster, organized by Sustainable Population Australia.

Z-Day 2009

Z-day 2009 poster A4 download

Z-day A4 poster, used in 2009 in Australia and in other part of the world. File sized for A4 prints.

Z-Day Promotional Poster 2012 – Adelaide


Z-day poster used in various locations. Adapted for Z-day Adelaide 2012.

Zeitgeist Media Festival Promotional Poster


Main poster used for Zeitgeist Media Festival 2011 New York event.

Zeitgeist Media Festival Poster


Poster developed specifically for Zeitgeist Media Festival in 2011 in Sydney. A4 and A3 formats available. Source file contains A3 files.

“Noise” Poster – Promotional for Zeitgeist MF

Poster - Zeitgeist Moving forward Premiere

Designed for Zeitgeist Moving Forward premiere. A4 and A3 formats available. Source file contains A3 format files.