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US taxpayers are funding the killing in Gaza

re-post from Avaaz Daily Briefing

by Avaaz Team - posted 20 November 2012 

Is this how peace processes are supposed to work?

Given the billions of US dollars poured into the Israeli army’s coffers, it’s little wonder the tragic Israeli-Palestinian conflict has gone on so long.

But the real winner isn’t Israel, which continues to suffer attacks as well as launch them. It’s the US defence industry. The US gives billions to Israel, which in turn spends the cash on buying arms from US manufacturers, purchasing the US-made bullets and bombs that are then used to kill and maim men, women and children in Palestine – and so perpetuate the circle of hatred and violence. The same on the other side can be said for Hezbollah, Iran and other military backers of Hamas and Palestinian militant groups.

Sources: Congressional Research Service, Haaretz, Avaaz, Two Peoples One Future