Z-Day 2017 Main Event has ended. For a recap of the event, check out Casey’s blog post.

ZDay 2017 schedule

Thank you for an amazing ZDay.  The videos will be edited and made available online over the next few months.

The Zeitgeist Movement welcomes you to attend Zeitgeist Day 2017 Main Event at the New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Australia on March 25th-26th with Zeitgeist Movement founder, Peter Joseph and other special guests.

Join us as we discuss how science and technology are leading the way towards a more sustainable and equitable future.


Peter Joseph
The Zeitgeist Movement Founder

Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph is known worldwide as the creator of the award-winning “Zeitgeist Film Series” and founder of the “The Zeitgeist Movement”, a social sustainability advocacy group which currently operates across the world. He also founded the Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival for the arts. He created the free TV style web-series called Culture in Decline, which has been translated into over 25 languages & has received critical acclaim and scored millions of online views. Peter is a pioneer in free, open-distribution media and his work supports non-profit free online viewing and free downloads.

Peter has also lectured around the world, including the UK, Canada, America, Brazil & Israel, on the subjects of cultural/social sustainability, the importance of critical thought, and the social role of the arts and scientific literacy. His work has been profiled in the New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Marker, Free Speech TV, The Young Turks, Hollywood Today, The Examiner and many other media outlets. He has participated in multiple TEDx Events, has worked with The Global Summit and is also a frequent social critic on the news network Russia Today.

He identifies, in part, with emerging counter-culture organizations, such as Occupy Wall Street and is an active musician who performs around Los Angeles, CA where he currently resides.

Peter Joseph’s new book, The New Human Rights Movement will be released 21st March 2016 (a few days before Z-Day) and is about how we can design our way to a better society. He has also recently released a trailer to his much-anticipated new film series, Interreflections, described as narrative-based, live-action fantasy style that inspires the audience to think differently about the world we have today… and the world we could have tomorrow.

Federico Pistono
Author, Futurist, Presenter

Writer, researcher, public speaker, graduate of Singularity University and Zeitgeist Movement supporter Federico Pistono, will be joining us here in Brisbane all the way from Milan, Italy for Z-Day 2017 in Brisbane, Australia.

Federico authored the book “Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK: How to Survive the Economic Collapse and be Happy“, an international success, published in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese. Since then he has continued his research, focusing on actionable solutions to the problems of technological unemployment and inequality.

Federico routinely tours around the world, lecturing on exponential technologies and their economic impact on society at universities, Fortune 500 companies, conferences and symposia; such as the University of San Paolo, Qualcomm, Telenor, Allianz, the University of Oslo, the International Education and Resource Network Summit, TEDxVienna, and Singularity University. He has been interviewed by several newspapers, radios, TVs, and magazines, among which are the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Vice Magazine, The Huffington Post, Folha de S. Paulo, Canale 5 and Rai 3 (Italian National TV); while he wrote for CNBC, WIRED, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, the Corriere della Sera, and Forbes Magazine.

Check out his YouTube channel here.


Eventbrite - Z-Day 2017 (GLOBAL EVENT with special guests)

Casey Davidson
Z-Day Host and Mediator

Casey is the Australian National Coordinator and a passionate sustainability activist who has dedicated her time and energy to bring together a diverse group of forward-thinkers to collaborate in solving global problems. She has hosted Zeitgeist Global Radio and Zeitgeist Australia podcasts, as well as organised and hosted many events including Brisbane's Future Thinkers Sessions.

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Jason Lord
The Zeitgeist Movement California

Long-time TZM advocate and chapter coordinator in California, Jason Lord has been involved in the Movement since its inception 2008. His core focus is public awareness activism efforts which help TZM's message impact the social landscape. Particularly in regards to a root-cause understanding of persistent social problems and their connection to the monetary system.

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Franky Müller
TZM Understandings - Germany

Franky is the National Coordinator for the German chapter who will be presenting the history and development of TZM, the train-of-thought behind it, the necessity of a change in values and examples of actions for social transformation. Franky speaks out particularly on the importance of education regarding nature and sociological aspects, hence human behaviour.

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Richard Osmaston
TraNZitions - RBE New Zealand

Richard is the founder of the Money Free Party in New Zealand and passionate about reaching a critical mass to transition to a Resource Based Economy. As a social and environmental activist, Richard will share his ground breaking experience and insights leading five candidates for NZ's Money Free Party in the 2014 election, as well as running for Mayor of Nelson advocating for an RBE, and touring Europe and the USA working with established promoters of an RBE.

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Cameron Reilly
The Nature of Power & the Psychopath Economy

Cameron is the author of “The Three Illusions” which examines philosophy and quantum physics. He is currently writing “The War On Your Mind” about corporatism, politics, psychopaths and how we can make the world a better place. Cameron also organises the secular church assembly for Brisbane and has been a catalyst in bringing the podcasting culture to Australia.

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Dr Richard Mochelle
Ethics and Whole System Design

Dr Richard Mochelle has lectured on ethics and systems design and argues if RBE is to fly, much land must be acquired freely worldwide by capturing vast amounts of property waiting to be bequeathed. He proposes co-development of a global resource trusteeship with a ‘priocratic’ education passage as a priority project for Zeitgeisters.

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Gilbert Ismail
TZM Global Chapters Administrator

As Team Head of the TZM Global Chapters Administration, Gilbert has been closely involved in building the Chapters Structure of The Zeitgeist Movement. Being part of the day-to-day management of the Movement, he has extensive knowledge about the Movement’s processes and people and also links various teams within TZM, bringing people and ideas together.

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Kim Benzie

and Luke Williams

Dead Letter Circus

Kim and Luke from acclaimed Australian rock band Dead Letter Circus will be presenting about the power of the message within music, how people receive it, and the importance of unfiltered truth being presented in entertainment as the alternative to the epic distractions presented in the media.

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Euvie Ivanova

and Mike Gilliland

Future Thinkers Podcast

Co-hosts and producers of the incredible Future Thinkers Podcast, Mike and Euvie spend their time sharing amazing conversations they have with the most prolific futurists and change makers around the world. They'll be joining us all the way from Bulgaria to discuss the future of humanity, the blockchain, and insights from meditation and being digital nomads.

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Eleanor Goldfield
Act Out! / Art Killing Apathy

Musician, entertainer and grassroots activist, Eleanor Goldfield will be jetting in from Washington to inspire us with her powerful spoken word and presentation about how social, political, economical change must begin with the individual - and how art is a catalyst for those who are already fighting for change.

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Rich Penney
The Contradictions of Capitalism

Science fiction author, futurist and proud supporter of the Resource-Based Economy, Rich Penney will be joining us all the way from Canada to talk about the contradictions of capitalism and the several effects this has on society.

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Ziggy Tolnay
RBE10K and Peritia

Ziggy, the Sydney TZM coordinator will present on the notion of progressive MRBE (minimalistic RBE) versus gradual transition to global NLRBE, and then very briefly introduce his project, the RBE10K and Peritia.

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Michael Kubler
Transition to an RBE

South Australian TZM chapter founder, Michael, describes himself as 'an innovative geek' who wants to change the world of education. An avid TZM and renewable energy activist, Michael will share some interesting thoughts on the transition to a Resource-Based Economy.

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Audio Visual DJ / Anaglyph

New Zealand born music producer and artist Samari Mentink presents his debut live audio visual performance Anaglyph for Zday Brisbane 2017. Anaglyph (An effect usually used in film to divide the existing image into three layers), Is a meditation into the current narrative driving global thought and expression today. The performance aims to create an audio visual framework in which the audience can contemplate current and future states of being.

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Eleanor Goldfield
Spoken Word

Along with presenting during the day, Eleanor will also inspire us with an insightful and thought-provoking spoken word performance in the evening.

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Exit Through the Gift Shop
Zeitgeist Funk

New to the local scene, Exit Through the Gift Shop aims to inspire spontaneous outbreaks of reason, with their passionate funk/blues/rock sound. Featuring the song writing of Dodgy, these guys bring urgency to the message of the Zeitgeist Movement.

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Eventbrite - Z-Day 2017 (GLOBAL EVENT with special guests)

  • Workshops on a range of topics throughout the day

  • FREE Vegan Food

  • Drinks at the bar for purchase
  • Valuable conversations with a dynamic group of deep thinkers, and a clear understanding of our current reality and possible futures.

Eventbrite - Z-Day 2017 (GLOBAL EVENT with special guests)

Discover the possibilities of automation, innovation, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, critical thinking and innovative systems and their role in the transition towards the Zeitgeist Movement’s ultimate vision, a Natural-Law Resource Based Economy (NLRBE).


Discuss how the current money-market system we live in is responsible for issues such as – poverty, corruption, pollution, homelessness, war and starvation – and how our understanding of the system can help us become the change we want to see in the world.

This page will be updated with information on presenters as they are added to the two-day schedule on Saturday and Sunday 25th-26th March, 2017.

We look forward to meeting you on our journey towards global unity and abundance.

Eventbrite - Z-Day 2017 (GLOBAL EVENT with special guests)


As Australia is a long way for many of our regular main event presenters, as well as some other well-regarded changemakers who support TZM, we’re reaching out to the wider Zeitgeist community to make contributions through ticket sales and phantom tickets (that’s for people who can’t actually get here but would like to contribute). If you would like to provide a more significant contribution, please email casey.d@zeitgeistaustralia.org (to avoid eventbrite fees).

The Australian chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement are just people – we all work just like everyone else to make ends meet, but put our hard earned dollars into making this event a reality. We have managed to cut costs where possible – thanks to Paul from the New Globe Theatre for providing a free amazing venue and others who are volunteering their skills and knowledge. We also provide free food and exchange services wherever we can, to promote the values we stand for. However, some costs, such as flights for international guests are unavoidable. Please think about this when considering your ticket choice. We are also providing some free tickets for people who are avid supporters of the Movement but are in a difficult financial situation.

Free ticket registration is now closed.

Purchase tickets of your choice below. Thank you for your contribution!