Outreach Program

527641_319829188097487_1901571033_nThe Outreach Program is designed to spread the word about The Zeitgeist Movement.

Rather than getting out and ‘prozletizing’, one approach is to be ready to provide easily accessible information at the appropriate time.

With mobile devices, we can show and share sites and information. Sometimes a business card is better. We have prepared a ZMAu fillable pdf you can use to (if you wish) include your contact details, take to a printery and produce your own cards (for example, OfficeWorks will do 50 cards for about $20). The link to the file is in Dropbox (you need an account which is free to register):


Another approach you may like to take is to be prepared with some interesting quiz questions that stimulate discussion. Here are some examples

Our household ecological footprint is a measure of how much of our planet’s resources are required annually to support our ‘lifestyle’.
Q1: What do you think is the average Australian household’s eco footprint?
A1: (a) .5 hectares
(b) 1.8 hectares
(c) 7 hectares
(d) no idea

Q2: What do you think is the average Indian household’s eco footprint?
A2: (a) .5 hectare
(b) 1.8 hectares
(c) 7 hectares
(d) no idea

Q3: What do you think is the ‘sustainable’ household eco footprint?
A3: (a) .5 hectare
(b) 1.8 hectares
(c) 7 hectares
(d) no idea

Q4: How many ‘planets’ do you think it would take if every household in the world’s  eco footprint were to reach the same as the Australian footprint ?
A4: (a) 1 planet
(b) .5 planet
(c) 4 planets
(d) no idea


Q2: Energy ‘footprint’: The ‘average’ global elec usage is…….

Q3: Oil usage: The average global oil consumption is….

Q4: Water ‘footprint’: The average global water consumption is …..

Q5: Species extinction rate:…..

Q6: Sea Level rise:

Q7:  Ave household annual waste :

Q8: Money….

Q9: Oceans and fish stocks:

Q10: Plastic…

Q11: Forests …..

Q12 Poverty… Did you know that 20,000 children die every day (check)

Thank you to Lesley Gillet for scripting these questions.

Outreach activities overlap into other projects such as Visiting Communities where we present TZM to communities we visit.

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