New ways of thinking globally & acting locally.

The Zeitgeist Movement Queensland became Movements for Global Sustainability, using MeetUp as a platform for advertising itself. It is now Movements for GLOCAL Sustainability, and in this revival meeting, I’ll be introducing myself as the new organizer and how I plan to take it in a new direction that I hope you will find inspiring.

One reason this group ran out of steam is, in my opinion, the focus on global change. We can talk about big changes that are beyond our power to influence until we’re blue in the face.

From now on, we’ll be looking at practical things we can do in our lives that are informed by the big picture. The maxim ‘think global, act local’ is one I live by myself and I’m happy to show you what I do. I’d love you to share your journey, too.

The first half hour will be introductions followed by a presentation about the predicament we face as a species and where we need to go from here, as individuals and as a nation. The floor will then be opened up for questions and discussion. You can answer a survey about Australia’s population here to get you thinking about the many interesting issues we face to being a more sustainable country.

Please RSVP to the Zoom meeting – if you don’t have Zoom, you’ll need to download it before hand. Give yourself 15 minutes before the meeting to get set up. Note the meeting is at 8pm AEST Friday 30th. I am overseas atm, so there may be a discrepancy in the times showing due to time zones.

I look forward to meeting you online soon.

Simon Cole

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