Monthly Movies that Matter – Has the porn industry hijacked our sexuality?

Welcome to Monthly Movies that Matter for March 2016 with The Zeitgeist Movement Australia! This month our topic will be pornography a week before our main annual event of Z-Day. Find us in the Theatrette at the Brisbane Square Library.
We will watch some interesting clips about the effect of pornography on sexuality.
There will be opportunity for discussion in between, followed by Gail Dines 30 minutes documentary, Pornland.
Each month we also vote on next month’s movie or theme. Everyone in attendance is welcome to make a suggestion and vote using minimum-opposition.
The event is free of charge.
It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about a more positive future, find out more about what’s happening in the Zeitgeist Movement locally, nationally and globally… and if you’d like to be more involved. Most importantly, it’s a great way to make friends, connect with like-minded people and have a great time.
After the film at around 6:15 we will mingle at Govinda’s in the city. Please feel free to join us for this too if you can’t make it to the movie. Feel free to bring books to trade… and to bring your flash drive to share resources.
We look forward to seeing you there.

About Casey

Casey is the national coordinator for TZM Australia and has a passion for educating on a variety of topics, organising and participating in a range of TZM projects and events and connecting with other like-minded individuals.