~FUTURE THINKERS SESSIONS~ A platform for the people!

Future Thinkers Sessions for the Zeitgeist Movement Australia


An open platform to meet and chat with other ‘self-proclaimed’ controversial deep thinkers, scientists and philosophers… basically anyone who likes to think about anything. This is a realistic, fun and empowering meet-up about applying science to social concern. Don’t worry, we don’t put you on the spot… there’s no expectation to explain your position, and no expectation of any qualification.

This month will revolve around the ideals and creation of a new social media platform, where you can go to make your voice heard, unite with others and to find, share and save rated information around topics that are of interest and important to you. The purpose of which is to allow people to be greatly empowered to be forces of positive change in the world and give a voice to the voiceless.

Our guest speaker, Paul Lynch will be discussing such a platform that he is currently working on. Six years ago, he was diagnosed with eye cancer, which was the impetus behind him starting to become aware of realities and challenges facing the world. He returned to his home town of Brisbane last year after 18 years in the UK where he worked across of a variety of roles, including a technology start-up in London. Through his activism in the UK, he became aware of many challenges that people and groups of people face when against powerful and vested interests. His project of creating a new social media platform was inspired by the question of how to overcome and prevail against these interests. He believes there is strength in numbers and this platform hopes to give people an easy and effective way to express their collective wisdom and strength.

Future Thinkers Sessions also provides…

• Short video clips for discussion on human behaviour, society, new crazy technologies and cool ideas for hacking life!!

• Study groups and panel discussions on philosophical questions like “How do we engage people resistant to logic and reason?” or “Does wealth provide happiness?”

• Awesome socially-aware music, podcasts and radio shows

• Insightful and hilarious pointed videos for social concern

Please feel free to sit at the back and hide in the corner, or announce your opinion of some particular policy, or share your understanding of a scientific discovery or discuss your general thoughts on a particular topic. 😀 😉 We’d love that. We look forward to meeting you!