Priocracy – A global community

The Zeitgeist Movement and the ‘Creating Heaven on Earth’ Meetup invite you to explore some very important philosophical questions, to direct us towards creating better civilisations. You’re welcome to Dr. Richard Mochelle’s presentation on PRIOCRACY.

Dr Richard is an expert in architecture, to environmental design education, futures education, studies in environmental, economic and political ethics. He also ventured into urban & rural planning.  His doctoral work on global responsibility and world constitutionalism (RMIT 2001, accessible online) theoretically grounds an interconnected array of current system design projects.

He describes a Priocracy as a cosmopolitan political economy. His inspiration was partly activated decades ago on reading Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving.

Some intriguing questions include: 

• Can family values extend to embrace, civilise and integrate the entire global family?

• Could this high-minded idea be activated one day to produce an economic revolution?

• What is the rationale for trade free and tax free economic ethic?  

• What if those extolling this ethic committed in all integrity to enact it? 

• How might a love-based political economy operate on a global scale? 

• What would be its operating principles and its attractions? 

• What role might the internet play?

• Would a Priocracy prove more economic in the face of scarcity than the competitive market?

• Could it outcompete the market?

We look forward to seeing you there!