TZM Sydney Activism meetup

Hi Geisters!

We’re meeting up this Saturday 18 February. It will be our first general meeting of the year. We’re meeting to plan our activism and upcoming events, including the following:

• Going to Z-Day in Brisbane (next month!) as a group, sharing an AirBNB house.

• The next SWARM party! The last one was a great success and everyone wanted a repeat soon!

• The next few films to show at Movies That Matter. The event is now planned for the first Sunday of the month, in the evening, at Lentil As Anything in Newtown. Last week we showed “The Man From Earth” and many came and really enjoyed the film and clips.

• The possibility to begin doing some street activism, or organise talks.

Just as a reminder, the global Z-Day this year will be held in Brisbane. It will be the first ever Z-Day spanning a whole week-end, and Peter Joseph confirmed his attendance. There will be local and international speakers and attendees, such as Federico Pistono (author of Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK: How to Survive the Economic Collapse and Be Happy) and Abby Martin (journalist and host at RT). Peter Joseph, the founder of The Zeitgeist Movement, will present his book The New Human Rights Movement  and his upcoming film Interreflections. The double-day event will be catered with vegan food, a bar, live music, workshops, and talks, and will be held at the New Globe Theatre in Brisbane, Australia on March 25th-26th, for tickets and more information visit

This week, the meetup will be a little earlier than usual, at 11Am, and will go as usual for two hours, until 1pm, at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts.

Please promote this meetup among your friends and anyone you think might be interested! Looking forward to seeing you all there!