Monthly Movies that Matter Archive

MMTM4The Monthly Movies that Matter Archive is a great resource for anyone who would like to hold a Zeitgeist event in their area. Each month focuses on a theme and has a selection of short clips for opportunity for discussion in between, followed by a feature film. A range of other educational and inspirational video content can be found on the Zeitgeist Australia YouTube Channel.

Standard Intro to Monthly Movies

Monthly Movies that Matter 2016 Archive

January – Money

February – Population

March – Porn

April – Madness vs Genius

Monthly Movies that Matter 2015 Archive

February – Love, Sex and Relationships

March MMTM was cancelled for Z-Day – Here are the presentations from the day

April – not available
May – Sustainable Communities

June – Food Production

July – Intellectual Property

August – Education

September – Energy

October – Human Resources

November – Climate Change

December – not available

Monthly Movies that Matter 2014 Archive

August – Equality

September – Comedy

October – Zeitgeist Media Festival

November – Home
December – Christmas