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The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing a New Train of Thought

It’s finally out! You can read it on the global website: PDF version can be found here: Otherwise if you prefer paperback they suggest buying it from:
Donate a DVD Project

Donate A DVD Project

The Donate a DVD project is a non-profit campaign that automatically distributes large volumes of DVDs of your choice throughout Australia and eventually the rest of the world; or directly to your chosen address. The DVDs will include the video explanation and the cover designs will link recipients back to this webpage to encourage further […]

Beyond Zero Emissions Australia

The Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan shows that with a combination of energy efficiency, fuel-switching from gas and oil to electrified energy services, and a combination of commercially available renewable energy generation technologies, Australia’s energy needs can be met with 100% renewables. You can find the plan here: Check if there is […]

More to the Story

Have you seen the first three zeitgeist films & where intrigued? Perhaps you still have questions or would just like to expand your grasp on TZM concepts further. While Zeitgeist Moving forward best explains the premise of a resourced based economy, including scientific evidence of its requirement & implementation. There are many hours of lectures […]
Federico Pistono

An open sourced technocratic model in a RBE

So, what form of governance does TZM support in a Resourced Based Economy? An open sourced technocratic model using the scientific method for social concern. This is significant, as every other suggested institutional solution, relies on ‘authority’ within a human hierarchy for implementation. An open sourced technocracy ensures decisions are arrived at, through collaboration based […]

Call to Coordinators

We are currently seeking volunteers within the movement to organise local events on a state/city level. In addition to this, we would also like you to be a local contact for new member’s. So far monthly movie meetups & occasional social dinners have proven successful in developing an outlet for like minds to discuss TZM […]
Automatic Earth Tour poster

Sustainability Showcase: Catalyzing a Confluence for Sustainability

It is no secret that we are living in interesting and challenging times, and collaborative strategies for sustainability are what we need if we are to address our planetary emergency head-on.

Zeitgeist series DVD’s no longer avaliabe

Gentle Machine Productions, has requested for all Zeitgeist series documentaries and Culture in Decline episodes to be removed from our DVD Order section. The Zeitgeist Movement Australia will honor this request.
automatic dvd distribution campaign

Call For Volunteers To Distribute Zeitgeist Related DVDs To Residential Properties

The Automatic DVD Distribution Campaign is just about to launch. As we have high volumes of DVDs to distribute we are currently looking for distribution volunteers to take care of the following responsibilities: Please contact mason.l {at} zeitgeistaustralia(.)org with your full name, mobile phone number, postal address and postcode, Facebook link and email if interested. […]
Automatic DVD Distribution Campaign

Join our Facebook event that aims to create critical mass!

Want to help TZM create critical mass as soon as possible? Here’s an invitation to help do just that! A Facebook event has been created to help kick-start The Automatic DVD Distribution Campaign, which aims to go international in the coming weeks.