Zeitgeist Doco Night – Melbourne

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Hey Melbourne Zeitgeisters!

We kicked off the reboot with a big night and the 1st philosophy group was great!

This is the 2nd instalment in the regular monthly documentary event. Even if you’ve seen the doco being screened, the doco night is a great chance to see how the issues and material presented relates to the movement.

We’ll be watching “INSIDE JOB”. Blurb below..

“The global financial meltdown that took place in Fall 2008 caused millions of job and home losses and plunged the United States into a deep economic recession. Matt Damon narrates a documentary that provides a detailed examination of the elements that led to the collapse and identifies keys financial and political players. Director Charles Ferguson conducts a wide range of interviews and traces the story from the United States to China to Iceland to several other global financial hot spots”

There’s some drink specials, great food, some comfy chairs and some friendly faces to look forward to and some interesting discussions to be had and new ideas flowing!

About Casey

Casey is the national coordinator for TZM Australia and has a passion for educating on a variety of topics, organising and participating in a range of TZM projects and events and connecting with other like-minded individuals.

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