Zeitgeist MF philosophy night and discussion

Event Details

Thanks to everyone who came down for the movie night and REBOOT!

It was a great night and as usual we got into some great post movie conversations. To kick off the philosophy events we will meet up and discuss the movie and the ideas in depth. I’ll bring some resources about the ideas presented including some studies that back up the ideas and we can also discuss and vote on the next movie night topic.

This is great chance to understand the movie and ideas better with a view to engaging in conversations with others as well feed into our movie nights and the Melbourne movement.

We’ll keep it at the same bar, there’s some comfy couches out the back and plenty of space for us relax and enjoy the chats.

Come down, enjoy a chat and a drink and lets learn more together.

About Casey

Casey is the national coordinator for TZM Australia and has a passion for educating on a variety of topics, organising and participating in a range of TZM projects and events and connecting with other like-minded individuals.

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