Monthly Hackerspace

BTW: Attendee count is 14 on facebook, so it will be a nice merry group 🙂

Common over to our monthly technology hands on meetups. Here you will likely have a great time doing one of two things:

1. Learning the basics of programming and electronics with expert help, detailed handouts and videos

2. Meeting fellow computer wizards and collaborating on an advanced project that at this stage is likely to be a Segway robot but we can decide on something different 🙂

The event is 100% FREE

IMPORTANT: BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP ( we only have 2 extra)

The event is hosted by the Clayton Library and is open to their members

About Casey

Casey is the national coordinator for TZM Australia and has a passion for educating on a variety of topics, organising and participating in a range of TZM projects and events and connecting with other like-minded individuals.

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